A pain-free neck is your new normal—come get it.

– Neck Pain –

The problem

‘A pain in the neck’—it’s so disruptive that it’s become a byword for trouble. There’s a stiffness, discomfort. Sometimes it runs to your shoulders and head, sometimes the slightest movement seems to trigger surges of pain. Daily activities like driving, sitting at a desk, and turning to speak to someone become an ordeal. You’ve tried massage, physio, and had about as much nurofen as you can take. Time to sort it out!

The solution

Our approach to treating neck pain is to tackle the immediate pain to restore movement, while also treating the underlying causes. Is the pain caused by muscle strain? Or other structures, like discs and ligaments? Is there an imbalance driven by jaw tension? Is there an old low back injury that’s translated up into the neck? The Recharge approach uses longer session times to look deeper, then uses gentle and indirect techniques to restore your system to its new state of normal.

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