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– Migraine –

The problem

If you suffer migraine, you know all too well the toll they can take. Constant caution around triggers, debilitating pain, interruption and loss of hours or even days at a time. There’s also the guilt about how your suffering impacts your work and family. Migraines set up an exhausting cycle of pain, recovery, exhaustion and fear that can be crippling. Medications can feel like mere band-aids, and sufferers of migraine seek a preventative cure to transform their lives.

The solution

You’re in luck! Recharge has developed Migraine Solutions, a world-class migraine treatment program right here in Melbourne. The Migraine Solutions approach uses a range of techniques and treatments incorporating osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, and naturopathy, as well as drawing on psychologists, coaches and even hypnotherapists as each case needs. We release tension in the  muscles and fascia that can influence the same areas in the brainstem that are involved with migraine, review diet and lifestyle, and remove the underlying causes to prevent migraine before it even begins. While further research is required to demonstrate conclusively that treatment of the musculoskeletal system can reduce migraines, there are some encouraging studies, one showing that osteopathy showed a 95% reduction in migraine frequency compared to taking preventative medication*.

*Cerritelli F, et al. Clinical effectiveness of osteopathic treatment in chronic migraine: 3-Armed randomized controlled trial. Complement Med (2015)  

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