A pain-free lower back is your new normal—come get it.

– Lower Back Pain –

The problem

If you’re one of the nearly 15% of Australians who’ll suffer from lower back pain, you know how bad it can be. Your whole life suffers—from work, to sports, leisure time and worst of all your time with children. It’s like becoming 10 years older overnight. People recommend strength exercises, but it’s often too late. Eventually the pain refers through legs and buttocks, and you’re often not even sure of the cause. Pain relief medication helps but you know it’s just temporary.

The solution

It has been shown that Osteopathy can be a great treatment for lower back in many studies. Finding the cause is important, and lower back pain often stems from old injuries to different parts of the body that gradually created the problem. The Recharge approach to osteopathy emphasises longer session times, gentle indirect techniques, and an approach that treats the whole of the body—including old injuries. We use multiple techniques depending on your unique needs. We know that whoever you are, feeling awesome can be your new normal.

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