Freedom from headache is your new normal—come get it.

– Headaches –

The problem

Headaches can have many causes, including serious illness like stroke or abscess, so always have such causes ruled out by a specialist. But the vast majority of headaches have muscular and tension origins, and play havoc with our lives. We get grumpy or can’t concentrate, our work suffers, our sleeping suffers, and the quality of our time with family and friends is eroded. Whether it’s from bad posture, stress, or old injury, headaches can take the joy out of life—there’s a better way to live.

The solution

Our osteopaths all have a special interest in headache treatment. There are many causes of headache and we can help you work out where yours are coming from.  The cervical spine is a common cause of headaches.  There are not enough published studies to be able to say osteopathy conclusively fixes headaches, but there are several studies that show it may be helpful for headache and migraine reduction.  We’ll release tension in the muscular system around the skull through, and use osteopathic cranial technique and other indirect techniques to get releases in muscles where other approaches may not addressed them. Our whole body approach in a longer session time will identify why the cervical spine muscles are tight.

If it’s not a direct stress causing that tension, it may be a referred injury for which the spine compensates. We’ll can help you find a solution to free you from the tyranny of headache.

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