Freedom from pain in pole dancing is your new normal—come get it.

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The problem

Pole dancing for fitness is an awesome way to push your body’s limits. Hip flexibility, shoulder and back flexibility, it’s all there. But with injury, you’ll find you can’t quite get the flex needed for a position, or your splits will get worse with training rather than better. You might have tried massage, Nurofen, and rest, but can’t seem to beat that niggle. It limits what you can achieve and creates limits that can define what you’re able to do.

The solution

We love treating pole dancing injuries. We’ve treated multiple winners of national and state level pole dance championships, all the way to beginners in pole dancing, as well as professional circus performers and gymnasts. We know the body’s rhythms in these extreme activities, and we use our longer session times and gentle, indirect approach to release and rebalance the body. Our whole body approach uncovers and treats your underlying limits, and you’re free to excel in great health. Check out our blog for tips on preventing ‘pole injuries’ here.