Dr Michael Ma, Registered Osteopath
B.H.Sc, B.Ap.Sc (Osteopathy), PostGradCert(Paeds) Osteopath

Dr. Michael Ma is an enthusiastic Osteopath who continually strives to improve his Osteopathic skills. He wholeheartedly believes that Osteopathic treatment and philosophy can greatly improve lives.

After completing his Osteopathic training at RMIT Melbourne, he moved to Europe to learn more about Paediatric Osteopathy. There he studied at the Bavarian Paediatric School and Clinic of Traditional Osteopathy(BPSCO) in Munich and the Osteopathic Centre for Children(OCC) in London. Whilst there, he treated premature babies, toddlers, children and expecting mothers. He finds great joy in helping families not just get well together but also helping them understand what it means to be holistically healthy.

Dr. Ma treats all ages and conditions. The range of patients he has treated includes, 3 month premature babies, 98 year olds and world class MMA fighters. He understands that each individual has their own goals and will tailor his treatment approach specifically to them. He favours the biodynamic model of treatment but will also mobilise joints on a regular basis.

When not treating, he regularly practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and reads philosophy. His top three authors are Ayn Rand, Ryan Holiday and Jordan Peterson.