Dr Syed Hussain, Registered Osteopath
B.Ap.Sc. (Clin), M.H.Sc. (Osteo)

Dr. Syed Hussain has completed his Osteopathy qualification at RMIT University. He is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and is a member of Osteopathy Australia.

Dr. Syed is very passionate about health and currently also completing his TCM qualification at RMIT. Dr. Syed has also completed post-graduate qualifications in various Osteopathic techniques including Visceral Osteopathy, and Strain-CounterStrain. He has also completed Foundation studies from Coulson Institute and 3D-Maps from Gray Institute. He is qualified and authorised to provide ProKinetic insoles. He is also part of study groups for Visceral Manipulation by Barral’s Institute and teacher assistant for Manual Therapy Institute.

Dr. Syed believes that body has an innate ability to heal itself and the job of the therapist is to facilitate that process so people can reach their ultimate goal in health. As the founder of Osteopathy stated “The job of the Osteopath is to find Health, everyone can find disease.” Dr A.T. Still.

Dr. Syed has been a student of Martial Arts from a very young age and this has provided him with a different view of exercises and biomechanics that are instrumental in strengthening and mobility of human body. His previous experience as engineer has also given him ability to analyse the problem in a structured manner.

Dr. Syed believes in integration of different health discipline to offer what is best for each patient and their well-being. He has a keen interest in how body communicates within itself and how dysfunction of one part affects the whole.