Dr Cameron Kealy, osteopath

Dr Cameron Kealy, Registered Osteopath

Dr Cameron Kealy is a leading Osteopath with over twenty years experience working in private practice. He believes in the power of osteopathy to transform people’s experience of health and create a whole new normal in their lives.

He has treated a huge range of patients across his nearly two decades of practice—from new born babies to 90-year olds, from AFL players and circus performers to office workers surviving the daily deskbound grind.

Dr Kealy is dedicated to deepening Osteopathic knowledge and practice through teaching and learning. He designed the curriculum for the Masters program in Indirect Technique at Victoria University, and taught the program for over 10 years.

He’s attended more than 17 professional development courses in the USA, New Zealand and Australia, and every year visits the USA for mentoring and professional development with the world-renowned Dr James Jealous, DO.  Much of this training relates to cranial and biodynamic techniques which have helped him develop a special interest in various types of headache, vertigo, post-concussion and other cranial-related symptoms (head and neck symptoms) on top of his general osteopathy practice.

Dr Kealy is a leading expert in the natural treatment and prevention of migraine, and is founder of the Migraine Solutions suite of programs and education tools.