Awesome is your new normal.
Come get it.

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Our Melbourne practitioners


Dr Cameron Kealy

Osteopath Dr Mina Wroe

Dr Misa Wroe

osteopath Dr Luke Wallace

Dr Luke Wallace

Melbourne masseur Ana-Mai Hoek

Anna-Mai Hoek
Remedial Massage Therapist

Experience a whole new normal

True health is an everyday awesome that starts deep in the body and moves through every moment. It’s human by design, and it’s yours by birthright. It’s a whole new normal, and we can make it yours today.

We’ve learned that your body knows best. We don’t do band-aids, we don’t do guesswork. We tailor proven osteopathic techniques to your needs. We restore your body’s natural blueprint for a whole new normal.

Awesome is your new normal. Come get it.

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Level 10, 3 Bowen Cres, Melbourne VIC 3004

Recharge Osteopathy specialties

Our approach


Subtle, powerful techniques

Our powerful, indirect techniques gently release the muscle’s capacity to unwind itself.


Longer session times

We take the time to find underlying causes, so our treatment is on point.


Whole body approach

We look further than the symptom, we find and treat the deeper causes.